Driving Monitor App Promises Cheaper Car Insurance if You Slow Down for Corners

By Gary Cutlack on at

A prize-winning work-in-progress smartphone app has the ability to monitor your driving, dishing out points for sticking to the speed limit and, ultimately, saving lives. And maybe taking £30 off your car insurance renewal premium.

This new "gamification" of driving has been developed by four Irish students at the Sligo Institute of Technology, with the aim of calming down some of the more aggressive drivers out there. It records your driving style, pings the results back to its cloud server for analysis and comparison with road conditions, then gives you a sort of safety report card at the end of it.

The app records your engine revs, speed, throttle position and any g-forces the car is under, so it knows if you've just taken that bend a little too aggressively. It will also include online leaderboards, which could ultimately lead to seeing youths in their modified Vauxhall Corsas driving very slowly and safely, in order to beat their mates at driving the most considerately. And car insurers could be convinced to offer discounts to the "winners."

If it all takes off, that is -- the developer is currently looking for cash to take it to the next level. And judging by the amount of Microsoft branding surrounding them in every photograph, it may well have already found it. [Team Hermes via the Guardian]