England Bravely Defended Royal Marriage Against Global Internet Raid

By Sam Biddle on at

Hackers, do you consider nothing sacred? Sack the CIA, beat up credit card companies, fine. But how could you spoil the wedding day of two awesomely-rich, good-looking people? They're royalty! But their big day was almost hijacked.

The AP reports a massive DDoS attack against the official royal wedding site was thwarted, allowing millions of gawking crown-lusters from around the world to live vicariously through Prince William and Kate Middleton, whose happiness and destined glory is ordained by Divine Right. Private think tank Royal United Services Institute helped repel the onslaught, which I can only dream would have resulted in something wonderful like a giant penis GIF superimposed over the nuptial website. Apparently, the scheme was organised in part by a 16 year old. If this were 500 years ago, that teen's head would be rolling around the bottom of the Tower of London. The good old days. [AP]

Photo: WPA Pool