European Court of Justice Says No to Forced ISP Blockade Of Pirate Sites and Services

By Sam Gibbs on at

The European Court of Justice has rulled that ISPs can't be forced into filtering traffic for the purpose of copyright protection, which may impact on the recent court orders forcing BT to filter out Newzbin and The Pirate Bay.

The ECJ said:

"EU law precludes an injunction made against an internet service provider requiring it to install a system for filtering all electronic communications passing via its services ,which applies indiscriminately to all its customers, as a preventive measure, exclusively at its expense and for an unlimited period."

Basically that means that Hollywood can sue all they like, but they can't force ISPs into blocking sites or services. The ruling may also impact on the Digital Economy Act, which is still in the consultation stage, and has been significantly altered after a fight with Ofcom. We'll have to wait and see whether this ruling will reverse the court order on BT or not. [ZDNet UK]

Image credit: Gina Sanders/Shutterstock