Even Link Needs To Hold the Occasional Car Boot Sale To Get Rid Of His Crap

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Throughout his many adventures rescuing Princess Zelda, battling Ganon, and saving Hyrule, Link has amassed quite a collection of weapons and tools. So to avoid being a candidate for Hoarders, even he has to clean out his inventory.

Since the games never seem to include a garden sale side quest, Dorkly Bits gives us an exclusive look as Link unloads some of the forgotten treasures from his past quests. I'd pass on the Ocarina, but that Hookshot seems like the perfect tool to snag my TV remote which always seems to be just out of reach. It's also good inspiration for those of you visiting your parents this weekend; maybe it's time to clean out some of your forgotten treasures as well?

[Dorkly Bits via TechEBlog]