EXOdesk Swaps Your Inferior Wooden Desk For a 40-Inch Touchscreen

By Sam Gibbs on at

All we have really is this video from ExoPC, the guys behind that familiar looking tablet with the unusual UI. It shows a 40-inch touchscreen replacing a your desk, which lets you swipe, pinch and tap your way round a custom interface.

Multitouch gestures and widgets aplenty, it really gets interesting when the display turns into a piano, complete with fake hammers and strings. The video shows the user with an actual keyboard and mouse, so ExoPC's not advocating chucking out the old, but who wouldn't want a 40-inch touchscreen as their desk? We'll know more come CES in January next year, but somewhat surprisingly we know the price -- $1,299 or around about £830 in real money. Not bad considering a Microsoft Surface will set you back in the region of £7499. [YouTube via Engadget]