FA Could Install Goal-Line Technology for 2012-13 Footie Season

By Gary Cutlack on at

The job of football referee may get a little less stressful starting from the 2012-13 season, with the FA considering yielding to public pressure and including goalmouth sensor tech.

Speaking to the BBC, the FA's general secretary Alex Horne, said its "possible" the goal-line tech could make it in time for next season, but it's ultimately dependent on gaining FIFA approval.

Horne made no mention of which type of technology would be used. FIFA, the overall boss of all things football, is currently organising trials of nine forms of ball/line sensor tech, with a decision on which one it approves for use expected by July 2012.

Which would only give the FA a couple of months to get it in goalmouths across the country in time for the 12/13 season, a timescale Horne says is "really tight - but it might be possible." [BBC via Techradar]