Finally, a Quad Core Innovation That's Worth Getting Excited About

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's probably never going to make its way into a Christmas carol like figgy pudding did, but this year Burger King is celebrating the holidays in Japan with an epic quad patty 'Pizza-Size Burger' that looks more appealing than any goose.

Measuring 8.8 inches in diameter with a special extra wide bun, the burger will be available in two different varieties: A 'Fresh Avocado' version topped with—you guessed it—fresh avocado. And a 'Nacho Cheese' version which adds tortilla chips, cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. Oddly enough both options will only come on half the burger, with the other half featuring the standard Whopper toppings like ketchup, tomatos, pickles and onions. It will set you back the equivalent of £13, unless you opt for the heart-stopping combo which adds fries, onion rings and delicious golden pine cones. [Gigazine via UberReview]