Fotopedia Japan for iPad: Take a Trip to Japan Without Going to Japan

By Kyle Wagner on at

One thing that the Japanese have over us? Sushi. Oh, and ramen. Oh and Japanese curry. Oh and their entire cuisine. And their style. Damn, Japan is a pretty awesome country. Fotopedia Japan takes you on a photography tour of the super tasteful country.


What's it do?

Like their other awesome apps, Fotopedia Japan is stuffed full of gorgeous images, interactive maps, and a Trip Builder feature to plan where you want to go. It shows you all the best stuff in the country, with photos and descriptions to go along with them.


Why do we like it?

I looked into going to Japan for the holidays. It's freaking expensive! And it would require me to peel myself away from my computer chair for more than a few hours. So while a virtual trip isn't quiiiiiite the same, it's enough to get by for now. Plus, you can plan your future trip in case you ever manage to get out to the land of cherry blossoms and weird shit.


Fotopedia Japan is a free download for iPad