Gadget-Specialist Q Is Returning to the Next James Bond Film, Skyfall

By Kat Hannaford on at

After a two-year hiatus in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Q's set to return, albeit in a younger "computer geek" guise. For the first time, the actor who plays Q in the next James Bond film Skyfall will be younger than 007 himself. Bet he doesn't even remember Thunderball's radioactive homing pill.

Ben Whishaw, the actor who's been cast as Q, is 31 but looks about 18. You may've seen him in the BBC show The Hour, or perhaps as Pingu in Nathan Barley all those moons ago, though to most he'll be an unknown quantity tampering with the status quo (ie, a crusty old white-haired man in the form of John Cleese or Desmond Llewelyn.)

I must say, I'm a bit concerned about director Sam Mendes' casting -- as we ranted and raved a few weeks ago, the James Bond franchise has become a sorry state of affairs where companies' ad-spend is favoured more so than genuinely interesting, relevant and cutting-edge gadgetry. Getting in a younger actor (even if he is more of a "looker" than Cleese) suggests Skyfall will continue the trend of Transformers-level of tech and gadgets, rather than the bumbling, cheesier usage of tech that the 007 series of films used to employ.

I do agree it's time the format is given a refresh, but if Mendes thinks putting someone more "relevant" in Q's shoes will help pull in the deep-pocketed younger crowd...well, he's probably right. I guess not everyone has to like it, though. [The Guardian]

Image Credit: IMDB