Galaxy Nexus Stock Delayed by Samsung, Pending "Volume Bug" Fixes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The SIM-free retailers are reporting that Samsung has stopped supplying them with the Galaxy Nexus, presumably so the much-needed volume glitch fix can be applied before Samsung's entire world collapses.

UK retailer Handtec is saying it has been told to expect new stock of the Galaxy Nexus to arrive from "the week commencing 28th November," while SlashGear quotes an Irish retail source saying much the same thing -- that Samsung is delaying the arrival of more units so they can be updated.

There's still next to no information out there as to how this "fix" of the volume interference bug that affects users on 900MHz networks will work or be applied. All Samsung has put on the record is a one sentence acknowledgement of the problem on its UK Facebook page, telling users "we are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix."

We'll find out next week whether the updated stock includes a patch, an updated version of Android or perhaps even slightly altered internal hardware. [Handtec via SlashGear]