GiffGaff Outage Blamed On Parent Company O2

By Sam Gibbs on at

GiffGaff, the MVNO owned by, and run on, O2, has been suffering from an outage for the last three days. Certain GiffGaff customers have been without voice and data services for no apparent reason, and O2 has yet to rectify the situation.

You might not know this, but GiffGaff, although 'run by the people', is actually owned and operated by O2. Sales and support are indeed operated by customers, but the business backing up the network operator is good old O2. Have any of our GiffGaff PAYG-loving readers been suffering service disruptions? Let's hope O2 gets its arse in gear and sorts out the issues. [GiffGaff via The Register]

Image credit: doglikehorse/Shutterstock