Giz UK Tests O2's 4G Speeds (On Camera)

By Kat Hannaford on at

As you know, Giz UK and its readers have been selected by O2 to help test their 4G network. For anyone doubting 4G's awesome speeds, take a pew and watch our video, which shows Sam and I (plus O2's Rob) pit a 4G dongle against a 3G dongle in various tests. We may not be as camera-ready as The Gadget Show's presenters, but please try and remember the 4G network is the true star of this show.


That means no comments about how Sam should've worn a bit of Suzi Perry-leather, mmkay?

If you missed news of our 4G trials with O2, check out our initial post to read how you could get insanely-fast internet speeds for the next three months (and free drinks. Did we mention the free drinks?), and if you're still wanting to read up on 4G, we've published a bunch of features for you to chew over:

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