Griffin Attempts to Keep Your Eyes on the Road With the DriveSafe Family

By Sam Gibbs on at

In-car accessories are an essential part of the driving experience for quite a few people; trouble is they can be quite distracting. Griffin's aiming its latest DriveSafe range of iPhone/iPod in-car gadgets to be totally distraction free.


RoadTrip HandsFree

Griffin RoadTrip HandsFree

Setting you back £65, the RoadTrip combines iPhone stand, FM transmitter and Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone in one. It's got a 'high-sensitivity' built-in mic to pick up your dulcet tones -- let's just hope it doesn't murder them with car noise -- while the person your speaking to should come through loud and clear through the stereo speakers.


Window Mount HandsFree

Griffin WindowMount HandsFree

The Window Mount uses some sort of new-fangled 'super-cling' mount, instead of the tried and trusted suction cup, to stick to your windscreen. The idea is it doesn't leave behind ring marks, the tell-tale sign of a GPS device that'll get your window smashed in and your glovebox raided. It's also got a combo-aux-mic cable that plugs into your stereo to allow you to take calls. Yours for £25 of your hard earned cash.


DirectDeck HandsFree

Griffin DirectDeck HandsFree

This one's a bit more novel than your average tapedeck adapter (does anyone still use a 'tape deck'?). It's got another combo-aux-mic cable for hands free calling.

What strikes me about this little lot is the emphasis on having a microphone for your phone. Surely the phone has a microphone itself already? Still, I know from personal experience that trying to shout at the iPhone while driving and using the handsfree speaker phone function is a bit of a lost cause.  What with the excessive car noise, and barely being able to hear the other person over the screaming engine of the boy racer, trying to do 90mph in his Fiesta 1.1 the next lane over. Let's hope these Griffin mics are a little more sensitive and better at cutting out background noise then.