Here's the USA's Newest Android Mammoth: The LTE-Speedy HTC Rezound (Updating Live)

By Sam Biddle on at

People love big screens, so HTC's giving our American friends another big screen: the Rezound is smaller than the titanic Titan and Sensation XL (it looks like a 4.3-incher), with the expected Beats Audio (yawn).

People love big screens, so HTC's giving the people another big screen: the Rezound is smaller than the titanic Titan (packing a 4.3-inch screen), with the expected Beats Audio (yawn). What's actually exciting is another piece of LTE hardware.
The phone isn't going to revolutionize anything for either Android software or hardware, but the Rezound looks like a very capable, very fast handset, Beats hoopla notwithstanding.

The Rezound's looks aren't anything special—grey textured casing with red accents—but it houses a beastly 1.5 GHz dual-core processor nice gig of RAM, plus 32 GB of internal storage and an SD slot, should you need it. Outside? HTC's first 720p resolution display. HTC's seriously hawking the camera in the Rezound (trying to break with their rep for shitty phone photography)—an f2.2 lens and beefed up low-light sensor for an 8 MP still capture, or 1080p video. Plus lots of zany filters, since everyone likes fake vintage.

What about Ice Cream Sandwich? Good question. It'll ship with the latest Android release with Sense 3.5 poured over (love it or hate it), but HTC says the Rezound is "Ice Cream Sandwich" ready, and will receive the upgrade "early next year."

(Sort of!) bonus: each Rezound will ship with a pair of Beats earbuds, which is still a hell of a lot better than the earbuds any other smartphone comes with. LOOKING AT YOU, DOCTOR iPHONE.

Why are we telling you about the HTC Rezound, good people of Gizmodo UK? Because we know you love keeping abreast of all the Android news, and because a non-LTE model might go on sale outside of the US, after it hits the States on November 14th. But it's doubtful.