Holy Crap, Four Cores in a Mobile Phone

By Sam Biddle on at

Smartphones with dual-core processors are still a bonus—but what about four of those goddamn things? The alleged Android-y HTC Edge packs that, plus a sizzling Tegra 3 package. That's one spicy processing meatball, if PocketNow is correct.

PocketNow, which is putting forward the "leaked" images, says the Edge will have the same specs are the recently unveiled Rezound, with the exception of four cores and Tegra 3, of course. Will it come with a quad-core burger? The cross-promotional potential is huge!

I wonder, though, how much we can really use this four-headed chimera. What app needs that much power? PocketNow says to expect the Edge in the first half of next year—what the hell is going to be so demanding by then? Foursquare? Angry Birds running on the Unreal Engine? A really, really angry email? [PocketNow]