How Far Do London's Tube Trains Travel Each Day?

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might be surprised to find out that trains travelling the Central line cover the equivalent distance from here to Australia each day -- that's over 8100 miles. The Northern and Piccadilly lines come close too, with 7850 and 7500 miles covered each.

The data has been taken from TfL's latest figures for the last 6 years, with a wealth of information detailing, among other things, the "Peak Operated Kilometres" and "Peak Passenger Journeys". The folks over at Spatial Analysis took the data and produced the map you see above, so jump over to their site for a much bigger version.

Now if only you got an AirMile for every mile you travel on the Tube everyday -- I'd be able to fly around the world every couple of years. [Spatial Analysis via @MarkPrigg]