How To: Save Yourself £3 On Your LoveFilm Subscription

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rent DVDs, Blu-rays and Games by mail? Good news -- LoveFilm just got cheaper. But cheekily, to benefit from the new prices, you'll have to go in and manually adjust your package if you're already a member. Here's how to do it:

• First, log into LoveFilm -- you remember your log-in right?

• Jump to 'My account' then click on 'Change package'. You'll be presented with these options:

New LoveFilm packages

If you're already on the unlimited two-at-a-time package, the new rates will save you just over £3. Plans start at £4.99 a month, but the £9.99 two discs plus unlimited streaming is probably the sweet spot.

• Click on the desired package, tick the 'Terms and conditions' box and hit 'Change now'.

Now go spend that £3 you just saved on a coffee, a pint of the good stuff, or a glass of white wine for the ladies and mark that as a good job done. [LoveFilm via thedigitalfix]