HP's Never-Ending Printer Obsession Is the Reason It Hasn't Sold WebOS Yet

By Adrian Covert on at

HP is all but done with webOS, rumoured to be in talks with potential buyers. However, a sale hasn't happened yet because it's still deluding itself into thinking people give a shit about seeing a linux-based mobile OS on a printer.

VentureBeat alleges that the company is requiring any party who might buy webOS to license the platform back to HP so that it can use it with their printers. So who is still interested in buying the software? Intel and Qualcomm apparently are in active negotiations (probably for patents). Of course, we vote Amazon, but Amazon's current interest in the platform is unclear, even with the smartphone rumors flying around. But either way, HP needs to let go of this whole printer fantasy. Nobody will care. [VentureBeat]