HTC Figured Out a Way to Make HTC Phones Sync with iTunes

By Casey Chan on at

Apparently, the latest version of HTC Sync will let the HTC Rhyme and HTC Sensation XL sync with iTunes. What? Yep. According to Taiwan News, the HTC Sync app will "automatically detect iTunes (or Windows Media Player) to copy media files such as music, pictures and contacts to their phones."

Once detected, you can load up any files you want on iTunes into your Android phone. That makes things easier for Android users! I think it's safe to assume that HTC will want to include this feature of sorts into future phones too.

It's going to be interesting how Apple reacts to this HTC/iTunes sync as they've shut down initiatives like this before (remember the Pre working with iTunes?). Maybe Apple will think differently now! With iCloud around, iTunes sync is the ugly step sister that no one really wants to use anymore. Maybe Apple will let HTC slide. Maybe? Maybe? Slight chance? Bueller? [Taiwan News via HTC Source, Image Credit: HTC Source]