I Wish There Were More Samurais To Use This Craftsman's Swords

By Mario Aguilar on at

Kill Bill bloodbaths notwithstanding, ex-assassins with traditional sword training do not wander the streets looking for vengeance IRL. Still, this interview with one of Japan's 30 last-remaining sword craftsmen is totally inspirational.

Maybe sword craft is somewhat outdated, but Korehira Watanabe's dedication is timeless. The craftsman defied the wishes of his family and has been completely immersed in the art of making swords in the style of the Koto-period (794-1333) for 40 years. In the video he says that it's only in the last five years that he's really succeeded. That's some devoted craftsmanship, and it won't die off if Wantanabe has anything to say about it: he's training a disciple to carry on the legacy after he's gone. [Etsy via The Daily What]