iA Writer Leads Charge as iCloud Integration Starts to Appear In Non-Apple Apps

By Sam Gibbs on at

The first non-Apple developed apps are starting to trickle through with proper iCloud document syncing. iA Writer for both Mac and iPad has bundled in iCloud sync between iOS and OS X allowing you push documents between the two platforms.

Of course you've been able to do the same thing with Dropbox for a while now in iA Writer, and other apps have leveraged Google Docs or a couple of other cloud storage solutions to do the same thing. But this is the first instance of cloud sync on an iOS device that uses Apple's free built-in service. Both iA Writer for the iPad and for the Mac are on sale to celebrate the introduction of iCloud syncing, setting you back £1.49 and £5.99 respectively. While there are better options for text editors on the Mac, iA Writer is a must if you're ever trying to lay down text on your iPad. [iTunes, Mac App Store]