iOS 5 Shortcut Feature Enables A Hilarious Prank

By Mario Aguilar on at

The iOS 5 Shortcut feature buried within the keyboard settings is useful if often overlooked, but oh wow is it a great way to prank your friends. Everything has changed. Passcode your phone before someone gets you.

We get it, shortcuts are supposed to be a handy way to make the iPhone's auto-correct work for you. Instead of typing out your address every time you want to send it to someone you can simply set up a shortcut so that "myaddress" always auto-corrects to "767 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY." Neat!

But thank you mighty and powerful programmers at Apple for giving us the most outstanding iPhone prank yet. Get a hold of your buddy's phone and your can configure their keyboard to say whatever you want. Change the word "home" to "strip club" and suddenly your co-worker lost his bonus! Change "bed" to "bed with someone else" and suddenly your roommate's girlfriend is pissed at him! So many possibilities. OK, so maybe you shouldn't use prank for evil, but it's just soooo tempting. [MSNBC]