iPhone 5 and New Apple TV Revealed In iOS5.1 Beta Firmware

By Sam Gibbs on at

The iPhone 4S is old news, so how about some new iPhone 5 rumours to chew through, or hunch over in pain at, depending on your love for Apple rumours. The iPhone 5,1 and Apple TV J33 have been exposed by beta firmware.

The iOS 5.1 beta firmware, which Apple released to developers last night, has already spilled the beans on a new iPad iteration, which may or may not be interesting to us Brits; but the iPhone 5,1 moniker confirms that Apple is working on a proper new iPhone, not just a revision, jumping a whole version number from the iPhone 4S aka iPhone 4,1.

The next-generation Apple TV has also been given a codename of J33, which should mean that we'll be seeing it pop-up relatively soon. Current opinion rests with this being an A5-powered variant capable of pushing 1080p. Whether it'll come with anything more exciting for UK consumption remains to be seen. We might see Netflix arrive in early 2012 on it, but other than that there's not a whole lot of use for Apple's hobby on these shores. [9to5Mac 1, 2, TUAW]