iTether App Slips Through Apple's Approval Process and Tethers Your Phone For £10.49 Without Jailbreaking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your network trying to charge you for tethering your iPhone? Not so keen on paying another fee to use that data allowance you've already paid for? There's an app for that, and you don't even need to jailbreak.

iTether has miraculously passed through Apple's approval process and is available in the App Store right now for £10.49. The app promises to pipe your data from your iPhone to your Mac or PC over USB via a companion app on your computer. The networks might not like it, but at least you have another option than paying their fees every month. If you're interested I'd pick up the app now -- there's no telling whether Apple meant to let this through or not or whether it'll actually stay approved. [iTunes via Engadget]