Legendary Photog Annie Leibovitz's Surprising Camera Recommendation

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Next time someone with a fancy DSLR scoffs at you while you're taking photos with your iPhone, tell them, "it's good enough for Annie Leibovitz." That should shut them up.

Even if you don't know who Leibovitz is, you've seen her photographs. You may know her as the photographer of the famous naked John Lennon hugging Yoko Ono photo. When Annie talks photography, people listen. So when asked by MSNBC what camera she recommends to people and she replied the iPhone, everyone took notice. She calls the iPhone, "the snapshot camera of today," and remarks that it's, "so accessible and easy." Watch Leibovitz talk about the iPhone in the video below.

Obviously Annie Leibovitz isn't recommending the iPhone over a DSLR or any other high-end camera, but she does make a great point about the iPhone and other smart phones. Because it's in our pockets at all times, we're taking and sharing more photos now than anytime in human history. No word on how she feels about Instagram. [MSNBC via MacRumors]