LoveFilm Not Sitting On Its Hands Over Netflix UK Deals, Ties-Up Warner Brothers

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might be forgiven that LoveFilm is being a bit forgotten with Netflix grabbing all the headlines. But the Amazon-backed original UK film streamer is fighting back, securing a deal with Warner Brothers.

LoveFilm's first major Hollywood studio deal will see the likes of The Hangover and The Dark Knight hit your computer, iPad PS3 and connected TVs. The exclusive streaming deal won't affect the pay-TV services like Sky Movies thanks to a 'second pay-TV window'. But it will impact on Netflix's UK arrival, and we could see a situation similar the current games consoles -- where you have to have both services to get all the movies you want, or just plunk down with one and miss out. LoveFilm also signed a deal with Entertainment One and Studio Canal resently, which entitles it to such delights as the Twilight Saga, Source Code and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Netflix's UK move has certainly shaken things up a bit in the UK film-streaming market. Let's hope it keeps prices low too and we get a bit more innovation. I want to see actual HD streaming out of LoveFilm and see them push onto other platforms like the Apple TV. Whatever happens, 'early 2012' will certainly be interesting. [The Guardian]