Man Engraves Every England World Cup Goalscorer On a Single Stud

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, you may joke -- not that many people have actually scored for England -- but fitting 36 footballers' names on one stud is a pretty impressive feat. Graham Short, master metal engraver, has to take beta blockers and inject botox to get the job done.

In fact, a football boot stud isn't actually the smallest Graham has gone. His most famous effort was to hand engrave the Lord's Prayer on the top of a gold pin head. All 70 words, 278 letters long were squeezed onto something with a diameter of just 2mm. Smaller still, perhaps, was the engraving of "nothing is impossible" on the sharp edge of a razor blade, by hand -- madness.

These feats of engraving are arguably quite easy with modern machining techniques, but the thought of doing it by hand is, well, crazy. To make sure his muscles were rigid and controllable enough, Graham had to use botox around his eyes and took beta-blockers to control his heart rate; all while working with his arm strapped down with just his fingers moving. Working down a 400x optical microscope takes some fine control, that's for sure. [Graham Short via Humans Invent]