MGM On-Board With UK Netflix Early 2012 Launch

By Sam Gibbs on at

Netflix is coming to the UK and Ireland early next year and MGM is on-board. The pair announced a multi-year deal to see the studio's biggest films make it onto the streaming roster 'within the pay TV window'.

Essentially that means that we should see movies like the two Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings prequels, based on the Hobbit, available exclusively for streaming on Netflix in the UK within a year of their theatrical release. Of course we'll also get access to their back catalogue with highlights such as The Usual Suspects, Fargo and Capote.

Sounds like Netflix is making a good start on the movie front, but it'll take a little more than just MGM to make the service a success in the UK. Let's hope they manage to get the other major studios on-board and bring their extensive library of TV shows with them, otherwise it might be a bit of a damp squib on-launch.