Microsoft and Novell Still Fighting War Over Windows 95

By Gary Cutlack on at

An antitrust case over Windows 95 has just hit the US courts, with judges about to resolve the confusing mystery of Windows 95 and the missing WordPerfect software.

The mighty Bill Gates himself has been called in to testify in the case, which sees Novell asking for $1bn in compensation over the lack of WordPerfect compatibility when Windows 95 launched.

Gates said the launch of Windows 95 was "the most challenging, trying project we had ever done," claiming that Novell's WordPerfect code was missing because it simply couldn't get a finished version to Microsoft in time. And to be fair, it did take quite a bit longer to distribute software back in 1995.

Novell, however, says Gates instructed his engineers to pull WordPerfect support out of spite, because he wanted his own MS Word to rule the text input business. [TechEye]