Microsoft Going After Huawei For Yet More Android Patent Licensing Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's already signed licensing deals with many of the top Android phone makers, now it's turning to upcoming budget manufacturer Huawei for a slice of its Android income overly hotly contested smartphone patents.

According to Huawei marketing boss Victor Xu, "negotiations are in progress" with Microsoft about general patents it uses in its Android phone range, with Microsoft said to have approached the company with legal demands for royalty patents from sales.

It's pretty bad timing for Huawei, as it's just launched the Android-powered Blaze under its own brand name in the UK, and has the larger Vision smartphone due before the end of the year -- and its MediaPad Android 3.2 tablet lined up for early 2012.

But it's yet more great news for Microsoft, which is being showered with free money thanks to licensing agreements with Android phone and tablet makers Samsung, HTC, Viewsonic, Acer and more, which all pay Microsoft royalties said to be as high as $15 per unit each time they sell an Android device.

Windows Phone is basically a sideline to Microsoft's Android royalty harvesting business. [Guardian]