Microsoft Signs Up Alex James to Help Shift Windows Phone Handsets

By Kat Hannaford on at

Blur's bassist Alex James has turned desperate -- after shilling his cheese to all and sundry in every possible newspaper and magazine (and throwing a festival that's now been dubbed "Worstival"), he's now pimping Windows Phone with Microsoft, lending his name to a new social-rewards campaign called Into.

I can't think of a worse name for the project, nor a more unsuitable 'sleb to partner with. Nonetheless, if you're interested in being rewarded for getting unsuspecting friends to buy a Windows Phone by sharing stuff on social networks and unlocking "exciting offers and experiences" (if you deem content created by Alex James as "exciting"), then by all means, go for it. Download the Into app from the Windows Marketplace, and rack up the points by liking and sharing stuff on Facebook, tweeting, or inviting pals to use the Into app.

If you really want to win the big kahuna (that would be the trip for two people to Finland, plus two Nokia Lumia 800 phones, not the "unforgettable evening hosted by Alex James") then Microsoft would like you to demo "the best bits" of Windows Phone, by passing their handset to a friend, and asking them to enter their Facebook log-in details. From there, an animation will demo the highlights of the WP7 platform.

Honestly, the only way Microsoft could make me sell their products for them is to pay me cold, hard cash. [Into]

Image Credit for Alex James: Clash