Miserable Bastard Pete Townshend Bangs on About Downloaders

By Kat Hannaford on at

The Who's Pete Townshend, who famously had no problem paying to download child porn back in 1999, has hit out at Apple, and the people who download his tracks for free. Speaking at a music industry event last night, Townshend labelled Apple as a "digital vampire" and said if they do "even one of the things on my wish-list [my inner artist] will offer to cut off his own balls."

While it thinks iTunes is a "fantastic piece of software," he evidently has a real problem with how Apple scrapes a large chunk of money off for themselves, and doesn't support musicians near as much as they should. He also had a few choice words to say about illegal downloaders, the BBC, and John Peel, which you can read over on The Guardian if you have the stomach for his rants. [The Guardian via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Wikipedia