Moscow Hopes To Boost Tourism With a Giant Spokeless Ferris Wheel

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The London Eye has become a major tourist attraction for the city, so Moscow is hoping a similar structure will attract more visitor's to the Russian capital. Except that theirs will be the world's tallest, with a unique spokeless design.

Standing over 722 feet tall, the tentatively named Moscow View ferris wheel will top the 541 foot Singapore Flyer, the current record holder, and the 443 foot London Eye. And if being visible for miles isn't enough to make it stand out and lure tourists, the wheel will also have a visually distinct spokeless design, with passenger cabins that move along a rail system.

Designed by US-based architecture firm Gensler, the Moscow View will be part of a larger complex with restaurants, shopping, galleries, and theaters in the base, that's expected to cost in the neighborhood of £195 million. The city is still deciding on where to build the attraction, but having chosen Moscow instead of Siberia is a sure sign they're already on the right track. [Reuters via Business Insider]