MOTOACTV Will Cost a Pretty Penny From December 1st in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Motorola's fitness watch, GPS and music player mash-up, the MOTOACTV, will be available for Christmas shoppers in the UK from next month. But there's a catch -- it'll set you back £250 for the privilege.

Sweatshop will take that decent chunk of your hard earned cash, and in return you'll get a GPS-equipped "smart" music player that changes the track depending on your run. It'll learn the tracks that you run to best and build you some smart playlists, like having "your favourite DJ helping you train at all times". It'll also record your journeys, track your performance stats and syncs with Motorola's online fitness service. It'll connect to your Android smartphone to pull in texts and calls, and has an FM radio should you get bored of the 8GB of music you can store on it.

If you're a serious runner you've probably already got yourself a heart-rate monitor, iPod shuffle and a GPS tracker, but if not the MOTOACTV might be worth shelling out £250 for. Maybe.