MPs Ask Ofcom to Boost 4G Coverage to 98 Per Cent of the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

A committee of MPs is asking Ofcom to up its plans for the UK's future 4G network, saying it should increase its coverage demands from including 95 per cent to 98 per cent of the country.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is asking for the increase to help ensure remote rural communities without wired broadband access can benefit from future 4G speeds, with John Whittingdale, the committee's chair, saying: "Ofcom needs to go further than it currently proposes by setting a condition that at least one of the new licence holders must achieve 98 per cent coverage across the country."

The 4G auction has recently been delayed until the end of 2012, so the pace of change is running at about the same speed at the broadband in Suffolk -- although you can get a brief idea of what the future could be like by visiting a small part of Cornwall. [Telegraph]