Netflix Locks-In Lionsgate For UK and Ireland Streaming

By Sam Gibbs on at

Netflix is coming to the UK and not only is MGM on-board, so is Lionsgate. Wrapping up another exclusive streaming deal, Netflix will be the UK's only place to get both new and back catalogue streaming for Lionsgate's movies.

Included in the deal will be films like Reservoir Dogs and The Blair Witch Project, which'll be available at launch. Netflix will also get first stab at the studio's upcoming films like The Expendables 2 and the must see remake of Dirty Dancing.

Two studios down, but if Netflix doesn't bring with it the rest of the motion picture gang, it's launch could still be a bit of a wet blanket. You have to wonder what's happening with Amazon-powered LoveFilm's streaming rights if Netflix is tying up all these 'exclusive' subscription streaming agreements. Guess we'll have to wait till early next year to find out. [Neftlix via Engadget]