Nokia Lumia 800 to Show the UK Its Cyan Side Before Christmas

By Sam Gibbs on at

Word on the street is that we'll get to see the true colours of Nokia's latest flagship and first Windows Phone 7 outing, the Lumia 800, before Christmas. It's true the matt black looks good, but is cyan even better?

Unfortunately you'll have to wait a smidgen after the 16th of November launch date to get your colourisation on, with the cyan variant arriving in the first week of December. Those looking for the shocking pink version might be disappointed in knowing that they'll still have to wait till "early 2012" for it to appear in the shops. At least you have a bit more choice other than the rather limited offerings of just black or white from the market leader; but it has to be said, the Lumia 800 looks pretty darn good in black. [Pocket-Lint]