Nokia Turns to ST-Ericsson for Future Windows Phone Processors

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nokia's current Windows Phone options are about to launch, with the Lumia 800 and 710 both powered by the commonplace Qualcomm processor range. But that'll change next year, with Nokia confirming plans to switch to cores supplied by ST-Ericsson.

According to ST-Ericsson itself today, Nokia's "future devices" based on the Windows Phone platform will launch with the company's NovaThor chipset inside, which is an ARM-based, dual-core series designed for, well, most mobile things.

ST-Ericsson's current top-spec NovaThor option is the NovaThor U9500, which offers pretty much the same feature set as the top Qualcomms, allowing 1080p video encoding through the camcorder, multi-touch and dual-display support, dual cameras, HDMI output, GPS and all the usual exciting things we have in our modern pockets.

The company demonstrated builds of Android running on its NovaThor U8500 range back at Mobile World Congress in February (above), but no actual products featuring it have yet gone on sale. [ST-Ericsson via IntoMobile]