Nokia's Working On Indoor-Positioning Over Bluetooth With a Parrot AR Drone

By Ashley Snell on at

Nokia's working up some interesting navigation technology to complement its current mapping efforts. One such thread of research is indoor-positioning, which will use Bluetooth 4.0 tags to track position in real-time.

The idea is that you can enable device, and therefore person, tracking within a building or any 3D space. Nokia's built a Location Extension Protocol on top of the Bluetooth 4.0 specification, which it hopes the Bluetooth SIG will take into its fold. Right now they're able to triangulate and track the position of an AR Drone as it flys around a room with pretty decent speed and accuracy.

Eventually Nokia hopes to be able to track your phone's position in a shopping centre, conference hall or any other easy-to-get-lost-in building. It's also looking at the possibility of location-based games using the precise positioning technology. With Google taking Maps indoors, it looks like inside is the latest location battleground. [IntoMobile via Recombu]