Now You Can Match a Soundbar to Your Avocado-Coloured Bathroom

By Kat Hannaford on at

We try not to make a habit of writing about different colourways of existing products, but after clocking Orbitsound's new clip-on colourful fronts, I couldn't pass it up. Do you know how long I've been searching for the very same shade of avocado soundbar to match my '70s avocado bathroom suite?

Ok, I may be joking about the '70s bathroom suite, but I have the upmost respect for Orbitsound's daring colour palette, which includes "pillar box red," "mustard," "plum," "pistachio," "ivory," "pebble" and 'duck egg." Ahh, marketing buzznames for hues never fail to tickle me pink. Sorry -- tickle me blush.

Anyway, I've always been pretty impressed with the sound quality of Orbitsound's T12 soundbars (version 3 has only just been released), as they use some nifty new spatial stereo technology that no other manufacturer uses, to eliminate the need for that typical sweet spot. Reviews have been favourable too, at five stars (out of five), and if you do fancy a soundbar to match your bathroom / pillarbox / plumtree, Orbitsound's T12v3 is being sold at the Ideal Home Show until the 20th of November for £300 with two colours thrown in for free (thereafter, each colour will cost £30.) [Orbitsound]