Nvidia Formally Introduces Tegra 3 -- Better Graphics, Lower Power Consumption

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nvidia has today officially announced its imminent Tegra 3 mobile chipset, with the quad-core processor previously known as "Kal-El" being sold as more powerful and 61 per cent more efficient. Nvidia says it'll manage 12 hours of average HD playback.

Nvidia's announcement goes into a lot of detail about the technical magic it's performed, with Tegra 3 operating on a Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing [PDF] basis -- meaning it includes a fifth processor, capable of bravely working alone when you're doing something only requiring minimal processing.

And don't make the mistake of blundering in with a complaint that it'll "eat battery" -- Nvidia says its quad-core setup should "generally consume less power than dual-core processors."

Asus will be the first manufacturer to bring Tegra 3 to market, with its also just announced Eee Pad Transformer our first way to test out Nvidia's claims. [Nvidia via Techradar]