Official Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Now Live For a Fee

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember those ChevronWP7 chaps who released a jailbreak of sorts for Windows Phone 7 and then got employed by Microsoft? Well they're back with an official 'unlock' that'll set you back about £6.

The unlock dubbed ChevronWP7 labs will allow you to run unsigned apps and homebrew on your Windows Phone through side-loading. It's a cheaper alternative to joining Microsoft's App Hub, which will set you back just over £60, but is still blessed by Microsoft and requires a Live ID. Unlike the world of iOS jailbreaking and Android rooting, unlockers using ChevronWP7 Labs will still be eligible for support from Microsoft and won't affect their warranties.

While homebrew apps and tweaks not available from the Marketplace are certainly the aim for Microsoft and co., piracy will almost certainly play a factor for some users. Nokia's exclusive Drive app has become the first high-profile app to get ripped and installed on a non-Nokia device courtesy of the unlock. It'll be interesting to see what Microsoft does regarding piracy considering its making the unlock available itself. [WMPoweruser, ChevronWP7 via MacWorld UK]