RealPlayer Still Racking Up 10,000 UK Downloads a Day

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently people still download and use RealPlayer. According to RealNetworks, the UK alone downloads the 16-year old multimedia player between 8000 and 12,000 times a day, and it's on course to hit 100 million downloads this year.

RealPlayer lost favour in the middle part of the 2000s, in part due to their wanton disregard for user choice when it came to settings, and its persistence to make it the only player for everything internet. I remember having to download it to listen to radio streams and being infuriated by the sluggish, overbearing user interface -- I didn't think anyone still used it.

These days RealPlayer specialises in DRM-free video downloading and converting, and has around the 25 million users a month mark globally. Maybe we should give it a spin again -- for nostalgia if nothing else. [TechRadar]