Red Karaoke Shares Your Voice with the World, Whether It Wants to or Not

By Andrew Tarantola on at

You know the one thing missing from your morning commute? Karaoke. Obviously. With the Red Karaoke App, you'll be able to share your awesome renditions of Mariah Carey classics with everybody on the bus.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Red Karaoke operates as a karaoke machine—auto-scrolling lyrics while playing the instrumental track—and features over 450,000 songs. It also allows users to record their singing via the front-facing camera, share their recordings on Facebook and Twitter, and even includes an auto-tune-like pitch correction feature.

Because if you can't hit the high notes of Always Gonna Be My Baby, you can at least adjust them up to Life After Love levels. And I hear people absolutely love Cher on long bus rides. The free app is available at Red Karaoke.