Report: HP Still Doesn't Know What to Do With webOS

By Brian Barrett on at

So apparently newish HP CEO Meg Whitman has held an all-hands-on-deck meeting to discuss the fate of webOS, which is exactly the kind of meeting you have when your ship is sinking. The verdict, according to The Verge: uh, give us a few weeks. Perfect.

That's right; the fate of webOS remains undecided, which makes one question the need for a late-night, super-stealth meeting in the first place. But! Apparently Whitman told the gathering of her Palm and HP minions that she wanted to "make the right decision, not the fast decision." The bad news for the webOS workers: they still have no idea what, if anything, is going to become of their livelihoods. The good news: for now, at least they have one. [The Verge]