RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Fusion For Multi-Platform Smartphone and Tablet Management

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like RIM's trying to maintain its enterprise strangle-hold, announcing its 'next-generation' device management system. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will cover BlackBerrys, Android and iOS phones, as well as tablets, with one solution.

Considering its phones aren't doing all that great, at least profitability wise, and its tablet is dead in the water -- concentrating and diversifying its strengths within the enterprise sector sounds like a good plan. The idea is that IT bods can use one web-based console to manage both corporate and employee-bought devices -- RIM obviously thinks employees aren't buying BlackBerrys any more. Bring-your-own-device is apparently the hot new thing and RIM wants corporations to stick with their server-side systems, so support Android and iOS it must. [RIM]