Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny

By Sam Gibbs on at

Carphone Warehouse's Galaxy Nexus pre-order information is out and it's not going to be cheap. First up is Orange, with the phone only available for free on £36 a month contracts, and setting you back £149 upfront at £26 a month.

Let's hope some of the other networks are a little more price-sensitive. Nokia's Lumia 800, which was described as too damn expensive, is still available for free for around £31 a month, for instance. Your heart might desire that gloriously creamy and crunchy Ice Cream Sandwich, but your wallet's going to be repulsed in horror by the looks of it. [Carphone Warehouse via Eurodroid]

Updated: As Darrell points out in the comments below; Orange's contracts span 24-months.