Samsung's Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Glitch Fix Unofficially Released

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular Android modding community MoDaCo has acquired the "forthcoming official fixed boot image" from Samsung and/or Google, which fixes the volume glitch that's been ruining the Galaxy Nexus for those on some 2G networks.

As this is an unofficial release, installing it is a bit of a hardcore mission. You will need an unlocked bootloader on your Galaxy Nexus, then it's a case of crossing your fingers and installing the file from MoDaCo, while heeding the red capital letters warning that you "APPLY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!".

If you're not keen on taking a chance with your cutting-edge new telephone, Samsung and Google ought to make this available via over-the-air update soon as promised. [MoDaCo via SlashGear]