Seagate Releases 3rd-Generation Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Laptop Hard Drive

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might not have come across Seagate's Momentus XT hybrid hard drive tech yet; you're unlikely find it in an off-the-shelf notebook. But, the spinning platter plus solid-state flash promises the best of both worlds -- speed and large storage.

The idea is that the flash storage takes care of the most used files, the OS for instance, while the spinning platter takes care of bulk storage duties. Simple enough, and in theory it means you get the fast boot up and launches of an SSD with the capacity and price of a traditional spinning platter.

The 3rd-generation 2.5-inch drive is 50 per cent faster and adds 50 per cent more storage than its predecessor, totalling to 750GB, plus 8GB of SLC NAND flash with a SATA III 6GB/s hook-up for your laptop. Seagate's released some tester comparison videos (seen above) for your perusing, while the drive is available from select retailers in the States right now, so should be available on these shores relatively soon for around £120. [YouTube via SlashGear]