Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk Asked to Join BT Newzbin Block

By Gary Cutlack on at

We could well be about to see a blanket ban on easy access to usenet archive site Newzbin, with the Motion Picture Association now asking another two UK ISPs to restrict access to the popular download resource.

After successfully forcing BT to begin blocking the site with its Cleanfeed filters we were promised would only be used for the most horrendous criminal images and sites, the MPA now wants to make another three of the UK's biggest ISPs limit access to the usenet archiving service.

The MPA told the BBC that: "We are involved in constructive discussions but we are not going to comment in detail at this stage," although the three ISPs confirming they'd received the request and are looking into the costs and processes involved in implementing the ban, should a court order to do so be issued. [BBC]